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CE Labeling

About directives and national legislations
More than 20 product groups are now regulated by European directives and norms. The updated list is shown to the left. Manufacturers, suppliers and trading companies which have to comply with the European legislation (CE- labeling) must know the rules - and exploit the advantages. Our starting point is Your product and we prepare the practical and applicable solutions which Your company must comply in the future.

More than 20 years of work with the CE-labeling is the basis for our cooperation with You. We can also do workshops and a training session in Your company. Monitoring of Your important directives and norms? We have clients all over Europe and in US.


Be in control of rules, create an overview
Define relevant directives and norms
Live by the rules
Prepare Your declaration of conformity
Risk analysis is a must before CE-marking
Efficient purchase and supplier management when using the rules
Beat the legislation - keep Yourself updated

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